The Post-Modern Masks of Nyarlathotep

Episode XII: Fire on the Mountain (Part 1)

Monday, 13 July 1925

The land towards dawn in Dar-es-Salaam and rendezvous with Colonel Endicott’s party—the Colonel has gone on ahead to Ngorongoro, but Mr. Jarmyn is in charge. The group includes an archaeologist, Professor Jacques Parizeau, as well as a surprising amount of people who are clearly mercenaries. One of these is Nails Nelson, the man who claims to have seen Jack Brady in China. They carefully avoid him.

[Was a bit surprised by that, although frankly they already had all the information they were going to get.]

There is also a man named Janwillem Vanheuvelen, formerly an employee of the Clive expedition in Egypt, fired because he is not above selling artifacts he finds.

There is quite a bit of activity going on in the city that morning—it looks like the local garrison of the King’s African Rifles has been called out along with quite a few of the territorials. Freddie buys a newspaper and discovers—ahem—that there was an explosion on the waterfront last night. This caused a fire that quickly spread to the low-income housing in the area, killing around twenty people besides those who died in the warehouse.

One of the dead is Mrs. Smythe-Forbes, who was burned alive in her home. The fire was a little unusual, as it seems to have raced directly at her house but not spread beyond that.

[Word of God: the fire was mostly the PCs fault; exploding buildings has consequences. Killing nice Mrs. Smythe-Forbes was Thakur sending off her fire vampires.]

The group decides to send Francis ahead to Durban to set up their passage to Australia, the next target of their investigation, while the rest of them head to Ngorongoro. Freddie manages to lead them through various narrow alleys and closed bazaars until they manage to elude the patrols and rejoin Jarmyn’s expedition.

[Fleeing roll and associated piggybacking by the rest, bolstered by a Streetwise spend by FP.

PP: Can I use Theology to check in on the local Catholics and get their help?

Me: …well, they’re both happy to see you, but there’s not a lot they can do.]

The expedition is equipped with several dilapidated trucks, and they make slow but steady progress towards Ngorongoro, almost four hundred miles away.

On the way, Charleston has a dream. In it, he meets Mr. October, who tells him that while their mutual patron is still displeased by his lack of overt activity, the incident on Torcello was enough to stave off punishment.

But he demands that Charleson kill Noor, as a sign of fidelity.



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