Bradley Grey

Prominent New York Lawyer, Confidant of Erica Carlyle and Occasional Barrister for Freddie


Bradley Grey, 41, is a partner in the firm of Dunstan, Whitleby and Grey, located on West 57th Street. His father was a member of the Carlyle family’s corporate board, and when Erica Carlyle reorganized the family’s holdings after her brother Roger’s death, she turned to the ambitious young lawyer.

He is a pleasant and well-connected young man with eyes on public office. His relationship with Erica holds out the promise of a brilliant match.

When Freddie Blakely arrived in New York, Grey snatched him up as a client, calculating that a rich young man of impeccable breeding would be a low-risk, high-profile investment for his firm. He’s regretted that ever since.

Bradley Grey

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