Dr. Mwimbe


Dr. Muriel Khadijja Mwimbe (MD, PhD) is a native of Zanzibar, where her family seems to have held some prominence (local rumor says she is related to the last “Mwinyi Mkuu” or paramount chieftain.

She graduated from the London Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine for Women in 1914. She studied in Zurich with Dr. Jung, which led to an interest in Anthropology. She studied that subject in Edinburgh and at Columbia University, New York. In 1922 she was named a lecturer in the School of Anthropology at Columbia.

Dr. Mwimbe often lent her expert services to Mr. Arthur Emerson, who specialized in African imports, helping him to authenticate artifacts. This led to her meeting Freddie Blakely, who offered her a fellowship to study Egyptian culture in Cairo. She somehow has remained with the group of investigators following Jackson Elias’ last months.

Dr. Mwimbe is an expert in Egyptian and African culture. She speaks several languages (notably Arabic, French, and German) and seems to have a large knowledge of the occult.

Dr. Mwimbe

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