Edouard Gavigan


Edouard Gavigan was the head of the Fondation Aubrey Penhew, which was headquartered in Paris. He had been the protege of Sir Aubrey Penhew, and upon his death Gavigan was named the head of the charitable foundation established by Sir Aubrey’s will.

Suave and self-controlled, Gavigan was an intimate of some of the greatest minds and most powerful leaders in Europe. He was known to dine with the President of France at least twice a year.

However, his actual history was much more complicated. He was born Eddie Gaffigan in Eddie Gaffigan, 1915Lesser Edale, Ireland. He joined a nationalist militia (one of the forerunners of the IRA) in 1915 and gained a reputation for wetwork and bombmaking. But in 1916 he was working with the British during the Easter Rising—most notably for the Military Intelligence unit headed by Colonel Aubrey Penhew. He betrayed a militia unit composed of many men from his hometown, and they were massacred by the British and Loyalist forces.

He seems to have had a relationship with Eloise Vane, and maintained her family at their ancestral home in Ireland even after independence bankrupted them.

Gavigan disappeared some time in June 1925. It is believed he died in Athens, Greece.

Edouard Gavigan

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