Hypatia Masters


Hypatia Masters was born in 1898 in Los Angeles, California. Her mother, a young single woman form a good family, sent her back to the East Coast when she was ten. Masters grew up in various boarding schools of impeccable reputation, despite her best attempts to ruin said reputations.

Stifled with the dullness of pre-war society, she was a well-known socialite who dove deeply into the post-war decadence. In these circles she met young Roger Carlyle, and they were soon seen together almost every night, going a long way toward dispelling certain scurrilous rumors about the playboy.
Hypatia smoking
A talented amateur photographer whose favorite subject was herself, she accompanied the Carlyle expedition to record its findings. A posthumous show of her photographs, including some recovered from the expedition itself, is currently playing in New York.

A person or entity calling herself “Hypatia Masters” was discovered in the lost city of Irem in Arabia. She subsequently moved to Paris and took over a club called Le Pyramide Bleu. She apparently died when the club was destroyed by a bomb.

Hypatia Masters

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