Jack Brady


Jack Oriel Brady was born in Hoboken, New Jersey in 1886. A restless child of a single mother, he was in and out of jail until 1905, when he joined the Marines. Stationed in China and then on the Western Front in 1918, he spent the years after the war serving as a mercenary in various unsavory regions of the world.

He met Roger Carlyle in 1919, when the young man was washing out of USC. Brady had been arrested for throttling a man to death in Oilfield, California. Taken with the older Marine, Carlyle summoned the best legal minds in the country to his new friend’s defense, sparing Brady from the gas chamber. After that, they were inseparable.

Brady accompanied the Carlyle expedition as foreman, guide, and unofficial bodyguard for Carlyle. He died with the rest in Tanzania.

Jack Brady

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