Noor al-Buraki


Noor al-Buraki was a Bedouin who had left her nomadic life in order to study at the University of Cairo. She was the personal assistant to the late Dr. Ali Khafour while he was the Chief Curator at the Egyptian Museum.

After an encounter with Charleston Chiu, she became his partner in the pursuit of the occult and esoteric. She curated his library of obscure tomes and kept meticulous notes on all their activities.

In the months before her death, her health declined noticeably. Her vision became severely impaired and she developed muscle weakness. Despite this, she remained devoted to Charleston and his friends.

Noor was killed in Tanganyika near the site of the Carlyle Massacre, purportedly by an entity calling himself Nyarlathotep.

Noor al-Buraki

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