Dr. Robert Huston


The youngest of three sons, his father was a Chicago M.D. who as a young man was reputed to have been caught up in the utopianism of the early plains, and to have belonged to several deviant sects.

Robert Huston graduated with honors from Johns Hopkins. After three years he threw over his circulatory-ailments practice (and his wife), and went to Vienna to study first under Freud and then under Jung. Huston in sessionHuston was among the first Americans to undertake this esoteric and controversial study of the mind, which dealt so much with sexual behavior that no respectable person could talk about it. Huston’s seemingly salacious and dangerous past, along with his elegant manners and sardonic wit, made him much in demand when he returned to New York City. There he established a practice in psychoanalysis catering to the very wealthy.

Huston enjoyed fame and notoriety. His fees were whispered to be $50-$60 dollars per visit, this at a time when a college professor might make $4000 a year. Women found him suave, handsome, sensitive, perceptive, and sexy. Among his patients were Roger Carlyle, Hypatia Masters, and Erica Carlyle.

Dr. Robert Huston

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