Sir Aubrey Penhew

Member of the British Peerage and friend of Erica and Roger Carlyle


The upright heir of generations of respectable peers, Sir Aubrey Penhew, Viscount Pevensey, was born in 1874. His father, Brigadier Arthur Mills Penhew married his mother, Geneviève d’Aubrey Penhew, while on leave in Paris during the Crimean War. Considered slightly scandalous at the time—no Penhew had married a non-Englishman since the fall of the Plantagenets—their marriage was by all accounts loving and successful.

Although he held a colonelcy in the Yorkshire Guards, he spent most of his service years exploring Egyptian ruins. A graduate of Oxford, he is well respected among Egyptologists for his own work in the field, especially his explorations into Upper Egypt.

Sir Aubrey and Erica Carlyle, 1917

A distant cousin of Roger and Erica’s mother, Sir Aubrey became close to the orphans and invited them several times to stay with him at his Yorkshire estate and his chateau outside Paris. He was especially close with Erica, and rumors of a possible match were raised in the more disreputable tabloids.

It was natural that Sir Aubrey accompany Roger Carlyle when the young man became obsessed with Egypt. He was frequently the public face of the group while it was in Egypt; in fact, Roger was seldom seen in public after the first few weeks of the expedition, and Sir Aubrey appeared to have taken the lead in running the expedition’s affairs.

A bachelor, Sir Aubrey died intestate. In his memory, the Fondation Aubrey Penhew was established in his former hôtel in Paris.

Sir Aubrey Penhew

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