William "Doc" Blont


william (Will) Blont was born in upstate New York. As a young man he planned to go into veterinary medicine. However, when the war in Europe broke out and the United States remained neutral, he crossed the border into Canada and joined the Canadian Expeditionary Front.

During the war he served with distinction as a corpsman. In late 1917, however, he was forced to watch most of his battalion lie dying between the British and German lines, prevented from helping them because of a planned artillery barrage by the British. The artillery attack never came, and the moans of the dying men haunted Blont.Publicity still of Blont recreating his rescue of Elias

Invalided back to Paris, he sank into alcoholism, a trait not liked by his new commanding officer, the martinet George Pearkes. He spent some time recuperating with Freddie Blakeley, who eventually used his connections to get Blont sent home to the United States. Much to his embarrassment, Blont received a commendation from President Wilson.

Returning home did little to help him with his personal demons. His marriage collapsed and he fled to New York City. There, in 1925, he helped rescue his old comrade Jackson Elias from a “white slavery” cult. Initially lauded by the city, he was soon the target of civil rights protesters. After a horrific encounter in a basement in Harlem with what he claimed were the walking dead, Blont suffered another breakdown and did not accompany the Blakeley expedition to Egypt.

William "Doc" Blont

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