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  • Colonel George Pearkes, VC

    Born 1888 in England. Immigrated to Red Deer, Alberta Canada in 1906, and joined the RCMP. He then joined the army. He has been invited to New York to participate as Military Aide-de-camp for British consular officials.

  • Alphonse Gilbert

    Alphonse Gilbert is Freddie Blakeley's valet. Blakeley met Gilbert in Paris during the Great War. Prior to that, Alphonse had crossed paths with then-Major George Pearkes when they were both briefly captured by the Germans. !(media-item-align-right){ …

  • William "Doc" Blont

    william (Will) Blont was born in upstate New York. As a young man he planned to go into veterinary medicine. However, when the war in Europe broke out and the United States remained neutral, he crossed the border into Canada and joined the Canadian …