The Post-Modern Masks of Nyarlathotep

Episode XVII: A Bunch Of Lonesome Heroes (Part 10)

Back on the Emden, the Reverend stares at the water, looking for Deep Ones. With his multidimensional vision, he can see a party of the amphibious humanoids making their way towards him.

[I had originally thought Group D would be making the landing, but it was pointed out to me that having the Shoggoth attack a medium cruiser would be more interesting.]

“What was it Francis said to use? Depth charges! I’ll get the crew to help…but wait. They won’t be able to see them in the water like I can,” he muses.

He seeks out the Warrant Officer in charge of the depth charges. “You Bäker?”


“You know the general nature of the threat we’re facing?”

“Froschmenschen, ja.”


“Come with me for a moment.”

“Zum befehl.”

They enter a ward room. Charleston unrolls a chart of the local waters. “You’ll need to know where they are in order to be able to hit them.”

“Ja, ja, ich versteh’ ganz klar.”

Charleston locks the door to the ward room. “I’m going to help you. I just need you to stay very still…and let this happen. You’re going to be a great hero.” He puts a hand on his shoulder. “This is a great responsibility, one that I can’t entrust to anyone else.” He leans in closer, until their noses almost touch.

The tentacles in Charleston’s left eye socket burst through the cloth blindfold he wears, plunge into Bäker’s eye, and quickly deposit a larva in it.

Bäker screams. Charleston clasps his human eye. “Do you see? See what I see? Power! Do you understand? This is your calling! It has been granted to you by God!”

“Du bist kein Mensch! Du bist ein Teufel! Gott hat dieses nicht gemacht!”

“But you are doing this for all of us! For…the Fatherland!”

“I am a loyal soldier of der Vaterland,” rasps Bäker.

“They will sing your name! The songs won’t be very good because they’ll be in German! But they’ll sing your name!”

“Es gibt vielen ausgezeichneten deustschen Musiker,” says Bäker. “Beethoven war deutsch, Bach, Mozart…”

“Yes, yes,” says Charleston, shoving him out the door. Soon the boom of depth charges can be heard.

[The German was all done spontaneously in session; I apologize if I mangled it.]

The sky above the pagoda is filled with angry, snarling serpents and seaplanes. As Group A pushes through the gate, a loud clang is heard from the strange structure outside the temple complex. The gantries fall back, revealing a streamlined, bullet shaped metallic…vehicle of some sort.

With a tremendous roar, flame spurts from beneath the craft, and it soars up into the air. The flash is so bright that the eclipse-created night briefly turns back to day. On the Emden, sailors stare. “Rakete!” say several.

From four points beyond the horizon, livid green beams lance up into the air, meeting at a point far above the island. As if in answer, an intense beam of horrid green light fires straight up, aimed at the occluded sun.

“Let’s go!” barks Francis. They hit the wall despite being under fire from the other sniper. As he mounts the wall, Dr. Jones snarls—he’s hit in the shoulder, but shrugs it off.

Meanwhile Freddie and Group C scale the east wall and land in a crowd of hybrid Deep Ones. Anton, Dr. Dodge and Ewa Cowles leap into the fray along with Freddie. After a confused melee, they manage to kill all of the hybrids, although Dodge and Ewa are much the worse for wear.



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