The Post-Modern Masks of Nyarlathotep

Episode XVII: A Bunch Of Lonesome Heroes (Part 11)

As Jimmy and Group A charge into the courtyard, Amazons open up from the side galleries with automatic fire, pinning them down. Suddenly there is a snarling shriek on their right—a huge half-wolf, half-woman has appeared and attacks Seamus and Stephen.

“My God!” they shout. “It’s the Wolf of Lesser Edale!”

Francis and Group C circle around to the south-east tower, looking for a way to ascend it and take out the sniper. Freddie, who had the same idea, runs into them just as three booms are heard from a rise behind the pagoda. They watch three rockets burn their way across the ocean.

“They’re headed for the Emden!” says Francis.

On the ship, the crew watches in fascinated fear as the rockets approach. They cheer as the first one sails overhead and impacts the water a half a kilometer behind them. They cheer again as the second rocket’s engine suddenly burns out and it crashes into the water a hundred meters short.

Then the rush to their damage control stations at the third rocket smashes into the bridge of the Emden and explodes.

Freddie charges up the tower stairs. As he rounds a bend, he sees Sheila standing there, blocking the way.

“Hello, Freddie,” she says, and shoots at him.

Freddie ducks back, clutching the Sword of Akmallah.

“Do you really want to kill me?” he shouts.


“Join the club, sister,” mutters Jackson Elias in the crowd behind Freddie.

“Sheila!” shouts Freddie.


“Is there any way I can convince you to marry me?”

Several shots ring out in answer.

“I’m just saying that you don’t have to die on this island.”

“I made my choice and you made yours. Now we see how this plays out.”

[FP wanted at this point to use the Sword to cut “Hypatia’s spell”—which I overruled because Sheila wasn’t under a spell—and then “her resentment”. Had this been, say, Dungeon World I would have loped around the room in happyjoy. But this is Cthulhu, and that ain’t gonna fly.]

Freddie sighs, and steps around the corner. Sheila shoots at him, grazing his shoulder as the Sword seems to move into place to block the shot.

Fredde swings the sword, aiming at her gun, and cuts her hand off at the wrist.

As he bandages her bleeding stump, the rest of his team rush the sniper in the tower, quickly taking care of her.



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