The Post-Modern Masks of Nyarlathotep

Episode XVII: A Bunch Of Lonesome Heroes (Part 12)

Down in the courtyard, Jimmy sees a stairway leading down below ground. “That’s gotta be the place,” he thinks. But the courtyard continues to be raked with automatic fire.

Faith looks at Jimmy, and then at the entrance. Her face grows hard. “Come on, you bastards! You don’t live forever!” she shouts, and rushes forward. A shot rings out and she drops to the courtyard floor, dead.

“Come on!” shouts Seamus. He and Stephen lay down cover fire as the rest of Group A heads en masse to the entrance. Jimmy shoos them in. Desmond Motombo gasps as a bullet hits his heart.

“No!” shouts Hardekker as he turns to run back. Jimmy pushes him back towards the entrance. “There’s no time—”

Suddenly he is shoved to the ground from behind. He rolls over in time to see his Australian friend Duggars shriek in pain, having taken the bullet meant for him.

“Finish…the job…me old mate,” he whispers before dying.

[Charged 3 Health boxes for running across the courtyard; Duggars was a “move” I made—“who takes the bullet for you?”]

On the Emden, the Rev races into the engine room to help as much as he can with the damage control. Suddenly he looks up—in the entrance of the room, he sees his nurse, Melissa, being held by a Deep One.

“What should I do?” he says to himself.

“Kill him,” says Charleston.

[This was CP’s idea—that we have a dialogue entirely between the two personalities sharing Charleston’s mind. In this one, I played Charleston and CP played the Rev.]

“But I know how that gun works! It will kill her too!”

“Good. She’s the one keeping me down.”

“That’s the best reason I can think of to not do it! Besides, she’s an innocent!”

“Listen, crazy, you’re just a cover personality for me. So pick up that gun, pull the trigger, and I’ll show you who’s in charge.”

“If you were in charge, you’d do that already. Who’s a cover personality now?”

Charleston reaches for the gun, but the Rev drags his hand back.

“You’re not stronger than me. I’m the original,” says Charleston.

“But I fight with God!” says the Rev.

“So do I.”

“It seems to me that you’ve spread your loyalty a little thin on that front, Mr. Chiu.”

“We’re all good. I handled that.”

“Says the man who can’t control his motor functions!”

“You wanna see control? Let’s see how long you last when I hold my breath.”

[We decided that this would be a Stability contest between the two halves of his personality.]

The Rev/Charleston stops breathing. His face contorts horribly with the strain of the inner struggle.

Finally he takes a deep breath.

“God has triumphed!” says the Reverend James Jones.

[I spent “Charleston” negative, because hey, you can only go so crazy! But the -1 penalty caused me to fail the last roll.]

The Deep One stares at him, finding the spectacle disturbing.

“Halt!” yells the Rev, and raises one arm. Snakes leap off of it ans race towards the Deep One, who releases Melissa and runs out of the engine room.

Just at that point, the entire ship shakes. A booming sound comes from the keel, as if some gigantic creature were striking it.



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