The Post-Modern Masks of Nyarlathotep

Episode XVII: A Bunch Of Lonesome Heroes (Part 13)

Jimmy and Group A dash down the stairway into a large circular room filled with strange machines. In the center is a large black slab of surprisingly regular dimensions, bathed in an eerie green light.

“Ooooh,” thrills Katakatak, “They have one of those.”

[The dimensions of the slab are at a ratio of 1:4:9…]

Across from the entrance is a coffin-sized glass box. Inside the box is Jimmy’s sister, Lucy.

Above the box is a little cage containing two huge rats. As Jimmy stares at the setup, he realizes that the glass box is designed so that the rats may be released into sectioned off parts of it…to devour whatever part of Lucy is located there.

From the shadows emerge Drs. Henry Clive and Johannes Sprech. “So sorry, Mr. Wright,” says Clive. “But I think this is where it all comes to an end.”

“You let go of that button right now!”

“I’m afraid I have absolutely no impetus to do so.”

Sprech gives Jimmy a look as if to say, Clive’s gone a place I don’t want to follow.

[This an actual device from the Masks book.]

Jimmy looks at the box, then at Sprech. He looks down again, at the slab, and the eerie green light.

He looks back up again. His eyes glint with the same light. Katakatak tries to grab him: “No…what you’re thinking…”

Jimmy stares across the slab. He takes a step forward and bridges the space in between with his mind

Suddenly he is standing next to Dr. Clive.

[Cthulhu Mythos spend by JP; I charged 4 Stability because come on, that was metal.]

“Now…wait…” says Clive.

Jimmy shoots him.

Sprech drops to his knees. “This wasn’t my idea! Please don’t kill me, Jimmy!”

With a sigh, Jimmy pistol-whips him into unconsciousness.

Back in the courtyard, Francis tells his men to try and round up as many of the Amazons as possible. “Bring ‘em in, but don’t kill them. We need them alive for the ceremony.”

“On it,” says Dr. Jones. He races down a corridor. There is the sound of a whip cracking several times, the bark of a Webley revolver, and the sound of punching.

A few moments later he returns with an Amazon over his shoulder. “Got one,” he says, dropping her at Francis’ feet.

“Wimp,” says Jack Brady, dragging two unconscious women behind him.

Up in the tower, Freddie hears a popping noise. Two small fireballs zoom up toward the tower. The fireballs careen around, setting several of his team on fire.

Freddie whips around and backhands one of the fireballs with the Sword of Akmallah. It explodes into a shower of sparks.

A fireball races towards the back of his head.

“No!” screams Billy, leaping in the air and wrapping the fire vampire with his coat. “Not…this…time!” He rolls around with his coat, being burned terribly as the flame finally sputters out.

“Sorry…Mr. Freddie…” he whispers before expiring.



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