The Post-Modern Masks of Nyarlathotep

Episode XVII: A Bunch Of Lonesome Heroes (Part 7)

“What the hell!” shouts Jimmy.

“I say,” says Freddie, “that was rather interesting.”

“Do you have my dolly?” says Mirabelle to a flabbergasted Jimmy Wright.

“We’ll call it aberrant disapparation,” says someone.

“Ah, Reverand!” says Freddie. He looks closer. “Rather, Charleston. Good to see you.”

[Me: Hey, Francis, your cousin just walked through a wall.

OP: Well, that pillar’s already shattered.]

Francis nods at Jackson. “Francis?” she says. “You look…good. You been running around or something? I didn’t want to say anything, but when you moved to France you kinda packed on the pounds…”

[In fact, Francis went from an Athletics of under 4 to an Athletics of 8, so he’s pretty ripped by this point.]

“Hey, Jax,” says Jimmy.

“Hey Jimmy.”

“You never cease to amaze.”

“At this point I’d say I’m leading the offensive,” says Francis, nonplussed.

“You don’t think you can win, do you?” says Jax. “They’ve got something in the water, something they don’t let people see.”

“We have a battleship.”

“I don’t think that helps. By the way, was it you who blew up all those warehouses?”

“That was me.”

“Charlie owes me another five pounds,” says Jax.

“What could be in the water?” says Charleston.

“I heard Dil Chandra talk about it in Hindi—one of the few languages I have left. She called it the ‘shapeless horror’.”

[JP didn’t want to make a Mythos spend with a Sanity of 3.

CP: Somebody gets to make those for free, you know.

Me: That’s right—you’ll take a Stability hit, but…

CP: Wait, can Charleston spend the Rev’s Stability?

Me: …YESSS!]

“It’s a shoggoth,” says Charleston. “A giant amorphous horror from Earth’s past. A great blob capable of creating any organs it needs at will. A giant protoplasmic monster. It can punch battleships.”

Francis scratches out something on his sheet. “Okay, I’m making another task force…”

Freddie says, “I’ve met Sheila. She’s working for the cult, along with the young lady who has a crush on you, Eloise. Sheila’s recruited a number of Amazons, for lack of a better word.”

[Somewhere around here OP asked if becoming a vampire would help him, but Isabelle’s not that kind of vampire.]

Charleston suggests giving Mirabelle a bomb for her to take back to Danger Island.

“Charleston,” says Freddie, “do you know what happens when a bomb is brought through Hyperspace?”

“Yes,” says Charleston. “Something interesting.”

“My daddy won’t let anything dangerous happen to me,” pipes Mirabelle. “He’ll stop it, and then hurt the person who did it. Oh, he likes you, Freddie.”

Freddie groans.

“Throws a hell of a party,” says Charleston.

“Yes. I’ll like those parties better when I’m older. They’ll have…better clowns.”

Thoroughly unnerved, they turn back to planning the assault.



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