The Post-Modern Masks of Nyarlathotep

Episode XVII: A Bunch Of Lonesome Heroes (Part 8)

Thursday, 14 January 1926

The day of the total eclipse

Francis addresses the entire company. “We’ve divided you into four groups. First group is under Jimmy, that’s the main assault group. Second is under Freddie—your job is to try and infiltrate and see if any of the contacts he made can be turned. Third group is with me, you’re our backup plan in case anything goes wrong. Last group, you stay on the ship with…the Reverend, guard it against assault from the Deep Ones. Everyone, you have your objectives—fall in and prepare for action. And remember. You will see and hear many unusual things. Don’t look at them. Don’t look up. Just keep going forward.”

And here are the groups that set out that morning to save the world:

GROUP “A” (for Assault)

James Wright, Esq., Commanding

Guy Forgeron

Col. George Pearkes, VC

Umr abd’ al-Malik al-Hussein

Sayid al-Buraki

Jacques Melville, Inspecteur of the Sûreté

Faith Mahoney

Seamus McAllister

Stephen Ford

Sam Mariga


Jan Hardekker

Desmond Motombo

Phillip Duggars


Dr. Henry Jones, Sr.

Dr. Abner Ravenwood

Marion Ravenwood

Dr. Francis Morgan

Dr. Warren Rice

Aerial support/extraction: Joyce Summers

“Lead from the back,” says Francis to Jimmy.


“You’ve got to close the gate. You can’t risk yourself.”

GROUP “B” (“For ‘British’,” says Freddie.)

Roland Arthur Blakely Holmwood, Fifth Earl Godalming, Commanding

Anton Gilbert

Addison Bright

Martin Gardner

Agatha Broadmoor

Dr. David Dodge

Ewa Cowles

Mirabelle Lovecraft

Dr. Jack Seward

Billy Smith

(Billy was assigned to Group A but simply walks over to Freddie’s group when no one is watching. “Billy’s got to look after you,” he mutters to himself.)

GROUP “C” (The backup plan)

Francis O’Donnell, MD, JD, Commanding

Dr. Henry Armitage

Jack “Brass” Brady

Isabelle O’Donnell

Dr. Henry Jones, Jr.

Aerial support/extraction: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

GROUP D (For Deep One?)

The Reverend Dr. James Warren Jones? probably Commanding

Melissa Ford, RN

Several German Marines

They decide to split up their magic items. Francis entertains the idea of destroying some—especially the Mask of Hyama—but the rest convince him this would be a bad idea.

“I wish we had some miniature radios,” mutters Francis, shooting a dirty look at Katakatak.

“Hey, you should have told me weeks ago. I could have done something then.”

“Don’t worry,” says Jimmy. “You’re still getting the hang of things here.”

“I don’t know how you live in these things. The other day, I was wearing a body, and I punched a wall—broke five bones in my hand! Who lives like this!”

“Don’t punch walls,” says Jimmy.

“Freddie, remember that thing that destroyed your apartment? The thing we saw in the desert?” says Charleston.

“The hunting horror?”

“That one. I’m going to try and time it right so that I finish my spell when the eclipse starts, and summon up a couple of those.”

“Is that safe?”

“Sure! You can use them to attack people.”

“Are they capable of distinguishing between humans?”


“Charleston, you’ve worked for me for two years. I know when you’re lying.”

“But my name is the Reverend Jim…”

“Oh, I see,” says Freddie, rolling his eyes.

Freddie takes the Sword of Akmallah. Francis and Jimmy put on their enchanted armor. Charleston The Rev the Chinese-American gentleman takes the books. “You should take the Mask of Hyama,” he tells Freddie. “You can use it as leverage. Give me the Dagger of Thoth, so that we don’t have all our weapons in one place.”



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